Photo: Laurie Bell Bishop    Yogi: Rainey Straus

Again and again, I’ve heard my compassionate yoga teachers say things like “keep your mind on your mat, stay present, this is all you have to do right now, there is something here for you”. Fast forward many years later to last night’s class where I had a moment of clarity, true wisdom which seeped in and changed me just a little bit. At Red Dragon Yoga we were instructed to flow from Eagle pose to Warrior Three to Tree pose (lots of one-legged balancing). Two days earlier, easy-peasy moves, I was rock solid. But today it was a wobble-fest, I couldn’t find my balance - teetering left and right and falling off my standing leg. I felt like I’d failed, I was weak, I wasn’t trying hard enough and my inner critic was loud and clear. And then. Just then, a little window of clarity opened up. I glimpsed a lifetime habit of criticizing myself in all moments when I wobble; in relationships, in business, in design, in my home, with my family. That moment of clarity gave me instant access to compassion.  I inwardly chuckled, let myself stop ‘trying’ so hard, took a sip of water and bowed down to child’s pose just to be extra nice to myself in a wobbly moment.

Thank you, Rainey, for the beautifully balanced pose!

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